simINN Flugsimulator

5% of the population are not interested in flying. We thrill the other 95%!

Just taking off was yesterday – experience the whole fascination of flying! 280 square metres in an architecturally, stunningly designed airport atmosphere await you at the former Württemberg state airport. Directly on the airfield at MOTORWORLD.

Take your place in the pilot’s seat of an original Boeing 737 cockpit or a Cessna 172 full motion simulator. Now you’ll be ready for take-off! With an impressive 210-degree dome, Full HD projection area, live radio contact, and take-offs and landings worldwide, our flight simulators guarantee the piloting adventure of a lifetime

The world above the clouds awaits you. Book your first flight now!

simINN GmbH
Flugfeld | Altes Empfangsgebäude
MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart
Liesel-Bach-Straße 10
71034 Böblingen

Andreas Wolf & Jasminka Cvijic
Phone +49 7031 2053322
Fax +49 7031 2053323

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