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Multifunctional event locations are availableat MOTORWORLD Munich for up to 6,500 guests. Events can be held here in specially designated event areas. The special automotive character gives your event the unique ambience. MOTORWORLD offers you event locations in all sizes and for every occasion.

Locations mietenNameGrößePers. maxReiheBankettTafeln
Zenith Halle
Zenith ›4.130 m²5.8803.1001.5002.000Rundgang ›
Zenith HalleDampfdom ›1.590 m²2.4001.450Rundgang ›
Zenith HalleKohlebunker ›1.042 m²440380230350Rundgang ›
Zenith HalleKesselhaus ›970 m²1.300680450550Rundgang ›
Zenith HalleGebäude 79
Drivers Hall ›
342 m²199199
Zeppelin LoungeZEPPELIN Lounge ›75 m²12072
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