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Driving fun with Racing Unleashed

With our high-quality “F1-style” simulators, we offer the general public access to the motorsport of the future. The e-sports experience with Racing Unleashed is sustainable, safe and offers the maximum fun factor – with individual or group rides in the real cockpit on a virtual race track.

We are an international company fully dedicated to the world of e-sports. Our state-of-the-art simulators instantly transport you into the virtual world of motorsports. The most famous race tracks such as Monza, Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone or the Red Bull Ring open their doors equally to passionate sportsmen and sportswomen, casual gamers as well as to all those who are looking for entertainment and pleasure in a class of its own.

Whether it’s just the joy of driving on a racetrack or racing, we offer everyone sustainable motorsport with the full power – it’s the exclusive experience and a real, exciting competition between athletes from all over the world: in our Racing Lounges, as in the Motorworld in Kemptthal / The Valley, at corporate events and in franchising.

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In the Racing Lounge in Kemptthal, 10 racing simulators are at the starting line – waiting for anyone interested!

Until now, the privilege of cost-intensive motor sports has been denied to a large part of the population. Our team is now striving together to make the motorsport of the future accessible to the general public with affordable prices and exuberant fun factor. It is close to our hearts that everyone has the opportunity to try out this sustainable and safe racing sport and to get enthusiastic about it.

The lounge in Kemptthal is regularly the scene of a dramatic race weekend! The races can always be seen live streaming on Twitch as well. With the two e-Sports leagues, we have created a spectacular racing: In the Racer League, the best of the best compete for lucrative prize money. The Challenger League offers everyone the opportunity to enter the world of virtual racing and show their talent. If you want to learn how to show your skills among athletes from all over the world – more info

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