Building 79 München

From the 1920s until 1994, the site in the north of Munich where Motorworld München has taken up residence served as a railway repair shop. For over 70 years, locomotives, trains and trams from all over Germany and neighbouring European countries were repaired here in huge halls.

Mobility was therefore an attribute of this location right from the very beginning. Building 79 accommodated the administrative offices, the workers’ changing rooms and washing facilities, as well as a non-public control centre. After being extensively refurbished and renovated, Building 79, including two modern event locations, was opened in autumn 2019.

 LocationsSizeMax. personsBanquetRow-
4Building 79
Drivers Hall
342 sqm199 stayingPDF >

Catering / Furnishings:
Free choice of service provider -
on request with experienced partners

Air conditioning and heating system

Basic lighting available

100 Mbit download / 40 Mbit upload

Sufficient spaces available on the grounds

Sufficient facilities available in the hall

Barrier-free access:
Our locations all have barrier-free access
& WC facilities suitable for wheelchair users
Formel 1192 sqm129 staying
Formel 292 sqm70 staying
Preparation room58 sqm

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    01 Zenith / max. 5,880 persons
    02 Kesselhaus (Boiler House) / max. 1,300 persons
    03 Kohlebunker (Coal Bunker) / max. 440 persons
    04 Building 79 / max. 199 pers./Drivers Hall + 199 pers./Kleine Lokhalle
    05 Dampfdom / 2.300 pers.

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