Equipped with state-of-the-art media technology, the Dampfdom offers the ideal setting for lectures, conferences, congresses, concerts, meetings, birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, gala events, company events and receptions.

 LocationSizeMax. pers.PhotosBanquetRow-
5Dampfdom >1,475 sqm2,300
Motorworld München Eventhalle


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MUNICH | Event Location

01 Zenith / max. 5,880 persons
02 Kesselhaus (Boiler House) / max. 1,300 persons
03 Kohlebunker (Coal Bunker) / max. 440 persons
04 Building 79 / max. 199 pers./Drivers Hall + 199 pers./Kleine Lokhalle
05 Dampfdom / 2.300 pers.

MUNICH | Service Provider

Any service providers in the locations are obligatory.
Upon request, we will gladly send you informations about our preferred partners in the following areas:
01 Catering
02 Technology
03 Furnishings

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