Building and surroundings

Green open spaces around generous workshop areas

For cars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles and boats – everything that moves finds its place in the Motorworld Manufaktur Berlin. Between historic and listed old refurbished buildings or new modular workshop buildings in houses 1 to 7, you have the choice – whether commercial space, workshop, factory, showroom, office or studio.

Open spaces, which are otherwise hardly found in Berlin

On a previously undiscovered island area vis-a-vis the island of Eiswerder, we create space for mobile enthusiasm: with generous workshop areas, green open spaces, historic and new buildings.

Our energetically highly efficient manufactory buildings are grouped around the marketplace, which is also ideal for vehicle presentations and events of all kinds. The marketplace is visible from the resting on the roofs hotel rooms – practically you can book for events a private balcony or rather look at the Lake Spandau.

There are also additional spaces for events and events as well as – so far unique – a special container hotel with a direct view of the citadel and the Spandau Lake. Towards the west towards the citadel, the conference and gastronomy area with a waterfront beer garden will be another attraction.

To the south ditch towards we build a multi-storey car park with glass Einstellboxen. In addition, our two-stroke hall with event space for up to 1,800 people in indoor and 2,500 people in the outdoor area. The access to all buildings is sufficiently dimensioned even for long-distance steering vintage cars.

Have we aroused your interest?