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June 15, 2018

Cologne’s new crowd-puller full of mobile passion

Motorworld Köln – Rheinland and Michael Schumacher Private Collection celebrate public opening on June 16-17, 2018

A metropolis with an automotive history, an historic airport, much passion for mobility, and a legendary motor sport collection – these are the ingredients from which a new crowd-puller is created: Motorworld Köln – Rheinland at the Nicolaus-August-Otto Park on the grounds of Butzweilerhof. As a special highlight, it will house the Michael Schumacher Private Collection, and will be much more than a world of motoring experiences. The weekend of June 16-17 will see the public opening, which – in the truest sense of the word – will draw hundreds of horsepower onto the road.

Andreas Dünkel, CEO of the Motorworld Group, explained the Motorworld concept at a press conference held at Butzweilerhof on the day before the public opening. It is essentially based on two fundaments. “On the one hand, we operate a property – usually listed buildings – in which we rent out space.” There are glass boxes for collector’s vehicles, together with areas for dealers in new and used vehicles in the classic car and premium segment, workshops, service providers for everything to do with vehicles, as well as accessory retailers and lifestyle shops. There are also catering areas, a design hotel with theme rooms, and even car suites.

A location with character
“On doing so, we build space for, and at the same time full of, mobile passion,” says Andreas Dünkel. In turn, this creates extremely appealing surroundings and the fundament for the second purpose of a Motorworld location, namely as a popular conference and event venue. “Above all, because they radiate this special character.” The family-run corporate group, based in Schemmerhofen (Baden-Württemberg), has already demonstrated with its pilot project that the concept is a recipe for success: Motorworld Region Stuttgart, located on the site of the former Württemberg state airport in Böblingen/Sindelfingen, opened in 2009 and since then has been expanded several times. It is the largest maker-neutral classic car and sports car centre world-wide, and meanwhile attracts over 600,000 visitors every year. “I am convinced that Motorworld Köln – Rheinland will be a crowd-puller as well,” Dünkel is pleased to say.

Cologne is an automobile city
Henriette Reker, Lord Mayor of the city of Cologne, speaking at the press conference, underscored the significance of the new Motorworld Köln – Rheinland in two respects: “Motorworld simply had to find its way to Cologne because we are, after all, an automobile city. This new world of motoring experiences, with the private collection of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, will not only attract petrolheads to our city. As an exceptional and multi-functional event venue, it will also be a true enrichment for the congress venue Cologne that will make possible the organisation of completely new event formats.”

Automobile state North Rhine-Westphalia
Prime Minister Armin Laschet did not pass up the opportunity to send greetings on the occasion of the opening of Motorworld Köln – Rheinland: “North Rhine-Westphalia is and remains an automobile state. In hardly any other industry do tradition and the future come together as in our automotive industry. Automotive history has been written here for many decades, not least in Cologne. Now, with the new StreetScooter, the future of the automobile is becoming reality. One thing remains: The passion for cars, from classics through to the latest stars on our roads. The new Motorworld Köln – Rheinland at the historic Butzweilerhof airport cultivates this passion, and also honours the Formula 1 legend from North Rhine-Westphalia: Michael Schumacher. I am particularly delighted about that.”

Legendary exhibition
With the starting signal for Motorworld Köln – Rheinland on June 16-17, visitors can look forward to the first stunning highlight: the opening of the Michael Schumacher Private Collection. Significant portions of the legendary, seven-time Formula 1 World Champion’s personal collection will be on show here, on a display area of over 1,000 square metres. Sabine Kehm, manager of the Schumacher family, explained the choice of location at the press conference: “The Michael Schumacher Private Collection is a huge thank-you from the Schumacher family to the many fans of Michael and motor sport. It displays significant pieces from his personal collection. The fact that this exhibition has found a home at Motorworld Köln – Rheinland is perfect for us: on the one hand, it is situated just a few kilometres away from Michael’s home town of Kerpen, while on the other hand, everything here emanates a love for automobiles.” Admission to both the exhibition and Motorworld itself is free of charge, seven days a week.

It’s worth stopping by for a visit
Alongside the legendary exhibition, visitors to Motorworld can look forward to seeing daily changing vehicles in a class of their own – from classic cars through to supercars. The “Four-stroke hangar” for up to 4,000 people, the historic entrance hall, and various conference rooms are already available for events and conferences. Over the coming weeks, tenants will be moving step-by-step into their premises – dealers, workshops, service providers and shops. Eateries offering a culinary diversity with pizza, pasta, steaks, and much more besides, will be opening just in time for the summer holidays. The inauguration of the V8 Hotel Köln @MOTORWORLD will follow in the autumn.
So it will be worth paying regular visits to Motorworld Köln – Rheinland to discover how the former Butzweilerhof airport is turning into a hotspot of mobile passion.

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The Key Visual
Photo credits: Michael Schumacher Private Collection

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