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September 20, 2016

A prototype, desirable classic cars, and powerful bikes

Auctionata presents auction highlights at MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin

On Saturday, October 8, 2016, the auctioneer’s hammer will be wielded again during the MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin classic car trade fair. In cooperation with the Berlin-based online auction platform Auctionata, a live auction of a classic car and bike auction will be broadcast at the fair, will make the hearts of collectors of motorised four and two-wheelers beat faster and faster. The top highlight is a 1992 prototype of the Porsche Carrera 964 Speedster. Desirable classic cars will also be coming under the hammer, among them a 1971 Rolls Royce Shadow Corniche convertible, a legendary and luxurious 5-seater luxury convertible once owned by the famous American singer Dionne Warwick, a 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal, as well as a Ferrari 512 BB and a Porsche 911 “Oil Klapper”. Since the concept for the trade fair has been broadened to include classic motorcycles, Auctionata will also be auctioning an interesting cross-section from motor scooters to motorcycles, such as a Honda CBX 1000 Super Sport. The auction will be broadcast online in Hall 16 as well as worldwide. An expert team from Auctionata will be on hand to assist local bidders.

Auctionata stands for the auctioneering format for the 21st century, where bidders are able to take part via a live stream and can even use an iPhone app. This gives interested viewers from all over the world the opportunity to follow the auction and bid for premium classic cars right at home or while on the move. The auction, which will be broadcast live at MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin on October 8 at 2 p.m., can also be seen worldwide on the live stream at www.auctionata.com. The auctioned four and two-wheelers represent a cross-section of motoring history.
Anecdote about the highlight of the auction: The Porsche Carrera 964 Speedster with RS configuration does not have a “birth certificate” since it is a prototype, and Porsche only delivers series production cars with such a document. This fact will certainly not diminish the value of this motoring jewel.

The full auction catalogue can be viewed online at
Bidders, interested parties and visitors will be able to take a close look at the greatest treasures on auction in the historic halls of the Berlin ExpoCenter (Hall 16) when MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin opens its doors on October 6, 2016.

Auctionata at a glance
Auctionata is the leading online provider of art and luxury items. As the pioneer for live stream auctioneering, Auctionata broadcasts all its auctions in real time, allowing interested parties from all over the world to be virtually present in the auction room. With innovative live stream auction formats, charity auctions, private sales, and a curated online shop, the company offers a comprehensive range of services for the buying and selling of art, design items, classic cars, watches, jewellery and wines. With around 800,000 registered users, it is one of the world’s top ten auction houses outside of China.
Further details: www.auctionata.com

MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin at a glance
Classic cars and enthusiasts’ vehicles, cars from the years of the post-war Economic Miracle, together with modern classics and classic motorcycles, will be on show on October 6-9, 2016, in the historical surroundings of the Berlin ExpoCenter (in Halls 11 to 20 and the summer garden). National and international automotive manufacturers with historical roots, leading dealers, technology specialists for automotive rarities, vendors of accessories and trimmings, together with numerous dedicated classic car clubs and private sellers, will be presenting and selling their products and services. The annual classic car trade fair is organised by MoWo Messe- und Veranstaltungs GmbH & Co. KG and Messe Berlin GmbH.
Further details:

The following auction highlights from Auctionata can be admired at MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin 2016:

Photo 1:

A 1992 prototype of the Porsche Carrera 964 Speedster
Starting bid: €150,000

MOTORWORLD Classics B_Auctionata_PM 7_Bild 2_2016-09-20
Photo 2:

A 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal
Starting bid: €15,000

Photo 3:

A luxurious classic car: the 1971 Rolls Royce Shadow Corniche convertible
Starting bid: €30,000

Photo 4:

A 1980 Ferrari 512 BB, for lovers of sleek, iconic sports cars
Starting bid: €170,000

MOTORWORLD Classics B_Auctionata_PM 7_Bild 5_2016-09-20
Photo 5:

A 1972 Porsche 911 “Oil Klapper”
Starting bid: €40,000

Photo 6:

A 1980 Honda CBX 1000 Super Sport
Starting bid: €9,000


Press contact Auctionata
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PR Manager
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Email: lisa.langlois@auctionata.com

Opening press conference:
On 06.10.2016, at 11 a.m., Empore Palais at the Funkturm, Berlin ExpoCenter

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