Renting Event Locations

Events can be held in the special event facilities at the MOTORWORLD locations. The exclusive automotive character will lend your event a unique atmosphere. MOTORWORLD offers event locations of all sizes equipped with state-of-the-art function technology.

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    I am interested in the following event location sites:

    01 MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart
    02 MOTORWORLD Munich
    03 MOTORWORLD Cologne - Rhineland
    04 MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Berlin
    05 MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Metzingen
    06 MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Rüsselsheim
    07 MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Region Zürich
    08 MOTORWORLD Mallorca
    09 MOTORWORLD Zeche Ewald - Ruhr

    Information on the individual locations in detail as well
    your contact person you can find on the respective site pages:

    MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart >
    MOTORWORLD München >
    MOTORWORLD Köln | Rheinland >
    MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Berlin >
    MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Metzingen >
    MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Rüsselsheim >
    MOTORWORLD Region Zürich >
    MOTORWORLD Mallorca >
    MOTORWORLD Zeche Ewald | Ruhr >

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