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MOTORWORLD Manufaktur Berlin

While the Spree flows relatively narrowly from the east to Spandau, the Havel coming from the north requires more space in terms of area – up to the Spandau lock. North of it, therefore, it resembles the shape of a lake: with several side arms and islands. So it was obvious for the district in 1997 to call this part of the Oberhavel the Spandauer See. It stretches from the Citadel in the south to the Maselake Canal and the Hohenzollern Canal in the north.

The MOTORWORLD Manufaktur is currently being built on a peninsula in Lake Spandau. The peninsula is surrounded by watercourses and borders directly on the Spandau Citadel, which is known to many Berliners as a destination for excursions, a museum or a venue for concerts. Once you’re on the shore path that runs along the north shore of the peninsula, you hardly want to leave. Here you can experience connection between the Berlin place for fans of mobility and one of the most lively waters in Berlin.

If you take some time and observe the life of plants and animals, you will encounter, among others, beavers, otters, huge schools of fish and even free-living water turtles. The bird life is more colorful than anywhere else in Berlin: kingfisher, gray heron, Canadian geese and many songbirds have found their adopted home on the peninsula. In addition, the Citadel is home to over 10,000 bats – at dusk, they can be seen hunting above Motorworld.

The peninsula and the area adjacent to it – the southern part of MOTORWORLD Manufaktur – has a long and well-documented history.