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Arrive and feel at home. That’s our motto for welcoming guests to our two hotels – to the V8 HOTEL, newly opened in 2018, and to the V8 HOTEL Classic, the inaugural V8 Hotel.

Whether in the bar, lobby or restaurant – all our guests will find their very own feel-good space. The epochs of automotive history and the versatile usage of vehicles through the years are reflected in the furnishings and fittings of the rooms in both hotels. The V6 design rooms in the style of the Classic Modernism era highlight the broad diversity of the world of automobiles with matching wall artwork and exclusive photographs.

Our 26 V8 theme rooms allow guests to immerse themselves in a thematic world of their own. No two rooms are alike, all are individually designed and furnished with one-off items. The illustrations on the walls and all manner of different furniture and beds made from real vehicle parts combine to form works of art in themselves. From motor sport the themes are Le Mans or Solitude, from Europe Vive la France, Made in Germany and Forza Italia, and from everyday life a car wash, workshop or petrol station.

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