Region Stuttgart

Exclusive guided tours

Would you like to learn more about the workshops and dealers or the historic building, or listen to one or the other anecdote from the classic car scene? Then book an exclusive guided tour of MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart.

A guided tour around MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart takes around 45 minutes and costs EUR 95.00 for the tour in German and EUR 115.00 for the English tour (plus VAT) per group, which should not be more than 30 people. Participants will learn about the origins of MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart, the history of the former Württemberg state airport, and about the current tenants. You will be taken around all of MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart, and you will also be given an insight into the workshops (provided they are open at the time of the tour).

Are you interested in a guided tour? Then simply tell us your preferred date(s) and the approximate number of participants: