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March 13, 2017

Xander Heijnen: member of the Motorworld Group management board

Former Daimler manager and long-time partner of consultancy firm CNC Communications & Network Consulting AG, Munich, becomes responsible for expansion, internationalisation and marketing

Motorworld to expand to six locations in Germany, new venues and concepts planned in Germany and abroad

Effective from 1 April, 2017, Xander Heijnen (41) will become a member of the management board of the Motorworld Group. The group of companies is an international leader in development and operation of experience worlds, sales and event areas related to classic and sports cars. Heijnen will mainly advance the expansion and the internationalisation and become responsible for marketing.

Andreas Dünkel, founder and chairman of the Motorworld Group: “Xander Heijnen is an achiever with fuel running through his veins. He has been accompanying our group for quite a while and is a very good addition to our team. From our venue in Munich, he will mainly be involved in further establishing and connecting the existing Motorworld locations as well as the successful national and international expansion of the Motorworld Group.”

Until most recently, Heijnen was Chief Operating Officer (COO) and partner of global consultancy firm CNC Communications & Network Consulting AG in Munich. Previously, he worked at Daimler for seven years in motorsport and sponsoring as well as in global concern and brand communications. Dutch-born Heijnen spent a total of ten years working in Formula 1, six years of which as the consultant and spokesman of the car manufacturers’ association (BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, Renault, Toyota). Moreover, he was a consultant for numerous projects in the automotive industry and the classic car community.
Xander Heijnen: “Every day, we see that the fascination for classic or exotic cars in particular remains at a high level. With our approach, we intend to transfer our passion for classics, sports cars and motorcycles also to new target groups around the world, irrespective of whether they are coming to us as hardcore fans or casually at the occasion of a seminar or an event.”

About the Motorworld Group

The Motorworld Group is an independent group of companies that stems from the Dünkel Holding, based in Schemmerhofen in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The group develops, constructs and operates automotive experience worlds where the focus is on the key theme ‘room for mobile passion’. The Motorworld Region Stuttgart in Böblingen, opened in 2009, was the first venue. Meanwhile, this has been expanded several times. Further projects and activities under the MOTORWORLD ® brand were initiated in the past years. Following the same concept as the Motorworld Region Stuttgart, three venues currently are being constructed: in Munich, Cologne and the ‘Zeche Ewald’ (Herten). A further concept with the focus on craftsmanship, the Motorworld Manufakturen in Berlin and Metzingen are currently being set up. Moreover, a new annual classic car fair was initiated in 2015: the Motorworld Classics Berlin.

Further venues and projects in Germany and abroad are planned.

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Photo 1
Xander Heijnen, a member of the MOTORWORLD Group management board from April

Photo 2
Motorworld Region Stuttgart: a successful pilot project since 2009