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March 28, 2017

New partnership:
MOTORWORLD Oldtimertage Fürstenfeld

The MOTORWORLD Group and Magna Ingredi Events to take popular classic car meeting on the outskirts of Munich into the future

Historical places and classic cars – hardly any other corporate group stands so much for the success of this pairing as does the MOTORWORLD Group, which with its numerous locations and projects creates space for motoring passion. And a new partnership was recently added. Together with the previous organiser, Magna Ingredi Events GmbH, the popular classic car days at the historic Fürstenfeld Monastery, near Munich, are being taken into the future. Concentrated power and experience will immediately flow into the “MOTORWORLD Oldtimertage Fürstenfeld”, as the event will now be known. Last but not least, the partners will be focusing on the interaction with the new MOTORWORLD München, which will be opening its doors in the Freimann district of Munich in 2018.

The Classic Car Days, held on the grounds of the historic monastery of Fürstenfeld on the outskirts of Munich, were initiated in 2005, and in recent years have developed into a popular meeting place for the classic car scene. The timing of the event to coincide with the first weekend of the Munich Oktoberfest has proven itself for over ten years, with many visitors choosing to combine the Classic Car Days with a visit to the beer festival. More than 10,000 visitors came to last year’s event to admire unique vehicles in the special exhibitions, follow the Concours d’Elegance for cars and motorbikes, talk shop with the participating clubs, and learn about the cultural heritage of motoring. Many rare items changed hands in the “Classic” trade fair area and at the “Artisan” spare parts market.

Mike Tommer and Eike Sommer, CEOs of Magna Ingredi Events, are delighted with the new partnership: “The positive development of our Classic Car Days in recent years will clearly get a boost through this partnership.” The MOTORWORLD Group, with its nationally and internationally strong brand, expansive network and know-how, adds powerful ingredients to the mix. Andreas Dünkel, the Group’s CEO, sees attractive synergies in conjunction with Motorworld München, which will be opening in the Munich district of Freimann in 2018: “Our concept includes regularly offering MOTORWORLD friends and visitors attractive automobile events – not only locally at the different sites, but also in the surrounding areas. The Classic Car Days at Fürstenfeld Monastery fit perfectly into this idea.” The new partners now want to jointly further expand the diversity of the MOTORWORLD classic car event. This will include an even higher quality of the participating vehicles, more automobile clubs, symposiums, and additional crowd-pullers.
This year, the Motorworld Oldtimer Fürstenfeld will be taking place on September 16-17. In keeping with the motto of the MOTORWORLD Group, the call in the park of the historic Fürstenfeld Monastery will be: A lot of space and scope for motoring passion.

About the MOTORWORLD Group
The independent Motorworld Group emerged from the Dünkel Holding corporate group based in Schemmerhofen, Baden-Württemberg. It develops, constructs, and operates motoring experience worlds that focus on the core theme of “space for motoring passion”. The first location was Motorworld Region Stuttgart in Böblingen, which opened in 2009, which has since been expanded several times. Further projects and activities under the MOTORWORLD® brand have been initiated in recent years. Following on the same concept as Motorworld Region Stuttgart, three further sites are currently under construction in Munich, Cologne, and at Ewald Colliery (Herten). Yet another concept with a focus on handicrafts is being developed with the two MOTORWORLD cottage industry sites in Berlin and Metzingen. Not only that, but 2015 also saw the inaugural edition of a new, annual classic car trade fair: MOTORWORLD Classics Berlin. Further sites and projects in Germany and abroad are at the planning stage, including one on the Spanish island of Mallorca modelled on the original Motorworld in Böblingen.
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About Magna Ingredi Events GmbH

Magna Ingredi has made a name for itself designing regional trade fairs and trade events such as conferences, congresses, and exhibitions. The company has been organising the Classic Car Days in Fürstenfeld since 2011. Through the continuous expansion of its trade conference portfolio, the agency is an experienced leader in the theme areas of energy, IT security, arts and crafts, pleasure, automobiles, and classic cars.

MOTORWORLD Oldtimertage Fürstenfeld: The popular classic car days at the historic Fürstenfeld Monastery, near Munich, are being taken into the future with concentrated power, experience, and new names.

MOTORWORLD-Oldtimertage-Fuerstenfeld_PM_Bild2_2017-03-28 MOTORWORLD-Oldtimertage-Fuerstenfeld_PM_Bild1_2017-03-28
(Photo credits: Kay MacKenneth / Classic Car TV)

Perfect local interaction: With MOTORWORLD München, which will be opening in Freimann in 2018.
(Photo credit: MOTORWORLD GROUP)