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March 15, 2019

Hi-Sky München celebrates “topping-out ceremony”

Munich’s new attraction begins operation with discounts for local residents and special experiences

Only five weeks to go before Hi-Sky München, the world’s biggest transportable Ferris wheel, celebrates its maiden ride. The gigantic masts of the new attraction meanwhile tower up into the sky above the Werksviertel-Mitte district, right next to the Ostbahnhof station, and already give an idea of the Hi-Sky’s dimensions. Operator Hi-Sky Consulting GmbH, a member of the Motorworld Group, took the opportunity of this “topping-out ceremony” of a different kind to publish the prices for rides on the Hi-Sky for the first time. Alongside numerous special experiences, Munich’s citizens can look forward to discounts and special offers. Providing the construction continues on schedule, nothing will stand in the way of the public opening on April 14, 2019.

Residents of the Bavarian state capital in particular can look forward to their new Ferris wheel as they will be entitled to special discounts upon presentation of their identity card. For example, a 30-minute ride on the Hi-Sky will only cost them 12.50 euros instead of the regular price of14.50 euros. Corresponding discounts for Munich’s citizens are also planned for special experience rides on the Ferris wheel, which incidentally will also be the biggest in Germany. “The Hi-Sky should become part of the state capital and stand for beautiful, one-off memories,” says Arantxa Dörrié, Managing Director of the operating company. That’s why passengers will be able to book experience packages right from the opening day on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

As well as spectacular views over the whole of Munich on the one hand and towards the Alps on the other, these packages will offer truly special moments. With the support of local exclusive caterer Minga Catering, the “Hi-Sky Minga” and “Monaco”, for example, will provide additional culinary delights during the ride with a richly filled picnic basket replete with either Bavarian or Italian specialities (price per package for 2 persons on a 60 minute ride: 180 euros). A veal sausage breakfast, the “Hi-Sky Blau Weiss” (price per package for 6 persons, 60 minutes: 360 euros) is certain to become a popular choice. Anyone who wants to learn more about the city during the ride can book the “Hi-Sky Guided” package, and be accompanied in the gondola by a city guide, who will tell passengers everything they want to know about Munich (price per person, 30 minutes: 17.50 euros, Munich residents 15.50 euros). “Be it a conference in the gondola or a marriage proposal – we can also offer bespoke experiences,” continues Dörrié. The 20-strong Hi-Sky team will then take care of the suitable outfitting and decoration of the gondolas (prices on request).

Construction proceeding according to plan
The dimensions of the Hi-Sky are already evident. This week, project partners MAURER SE, the MOTORWORLD Group and the Werksviertel-Mitte district celebrated the “topping-out ceremony”. Responsible for setting up the Ferris wheel is its manufacturer, the Munich-based steel construction company MAURER SE. Since mid-February, up to twelve fitters have been working on the gigantic steel structure, which will tower 80 metres above the ground. A decisive step was taken with the erection of the masts, which required an 800-tonne crane. The next step involves the assembly of the spoked wheel and installation of the gondolas. 27 in number, each of them is fully glazed and capable of carrying 16 people. The construction is currently proceeding on schedule, and the project team expects that the public opening on April 14 will go smoothly as well.

The Hi-Sky München will stand for at least two years at the Werksviertel-Mittel site, in the immediate vicinity of the Ostbahnhof station, where the newly planned Bayerischer Rundfunk concert hall is eventually due to be built. The opening hours of the Hi-Sky have also been decided. On 365 days in the year, it will rotate at a leisurely pace of less than one kilometre per hour from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., on Saturdays even until midnight.

About the Bussink r80 XL Giant Ferris Wheel
The Hi-Sky München is a MAURER R80 XL Ferris wheel, and was developed by the Dutch designer Ron A. Bussink. With a diameter of 74 metres and an overall height of 78 metres, it stands in the Guinness Book of Records as being the world’s biggest transportable Ferris wheel. With its 27 Zeppelin gondolas, each capable of accommodating 16 passengers, the wheel can transport 1,700 people in just one hour depending on its rotating speed.
The air-conditioned gondolas can be safely and easily accessed from an elevated platform. The entire waiting area is covered by a transparent construction to protect the visitors from inclement weather. Access is controlled fully automatically by means of an electronic SKIDATA ticket system.

About the MOTORWORLD Group
The independent Motorworld Group is based in Schemmerhofen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). The origins of the family-run company go back to 1933. The Motorworld Group develops, builds and operates experience worlds that are dedicated to mobile passion.
The first location was Motorworld Region Stuttgart in Böblingen, which opened in 2009 and has since been expanded several times. Further projects and activities under the MOTORWORLD® brand have been initiated in recent years: Motorworld Köln – Rheinland (opened in 2018), Motorworld München (under construction), Motorworld Zeche Ewald – Ruhr in Herten (at the construction planning stage), and Motorworld Mallorca (at the construction planning stage). The portfolio will be complemented by the Motorworld Manufaktur locations in Berlin, Metzingen, Rüsselsheim and Zurich. The Motorworld idea also regularly goes on tour, including to the annual classic car trade fairs Motorworld Classics Berlin and Motorworld Classics Bodensee in Friedrichshafen. Hi-Sky Munich adds a new dimension of mobility to the portfolio of experience offers.
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MAURER SE is a leading specialist in the mechanical engineering and steel construction sectors with more than 1,000 employees worldwide. The company is market leader in the field of structural protection systems (bridge bearings, expansion joints, anti-seismic devices, vibration dampers and monitoring systems). It also develops and manufactures vibration insulation for buildings and machines, roller coasters, Ferris wheels and special steel structures.

MAURER is involved in many spectacular large-scale projects, such as the world’s largest bridge bearings in Wasirabad, earthquake-proof expansion joints on the Bosporus bridges, semi-active vibration dampers in the Donau City Tower, or compression tension bearings for the Zenith Stadium in St. Petersburg. Among its showpieces in steel construction are BMW Welt and Munich airport’s Terminal II. Among its spectacular amusement rides are the world’s largest transportable Ferris wheel R80 XL in Mexico, the Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios in Orlando, the Fiorano GT Challenge in Abu Dhabi, and the Launch Coaster in the Bayern-Park.
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About the Werksviertel-Mitte district
Over the next few years, around 1,150 flats will be built on the 9-hectare-large site at Ostbahnhof station. Around 7,000 jobs will also be created. Over 340 flats will be available for subsidised housing construction. A four-stream primary school for about 400 pupils, together with several day-care centres, will provide the social infrastructure for the new quarter.

Daily needs are also taken care of. Working, living and life are ideally combined in the Werksviertel-Mitte district. Shops, hotels, eateries, a comprehensive range of leisure facilities, together with numerous cultural buildings, will be created here. A special highlight will be the new Munich Konzerthaus, which will be built in the heart of the Werksviertel-Mitte district. Until construction begins, the Hi-Sky Ferris wheel will be Munich’s new landmark from Spring 2019.
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