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October 6, 2016

Michael Schumacher’s private collection moves into MOTORWORLD Köln-Rheinland

The precious items from Michael Schumacher’s outstanding career to be displayed as a permanent exhibition – free admission for interested fans.

Not only is this announcement unique, but so is its subject matter. With the opening of MOTORWORLD Köln-Rheinland at the turn of the year 2017/2018, one of the world’s most significant collections from the world of motor sport will be moving in as well: the private collection of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher – karts from his early racing days, sports cars, trophies, unique memorabilia, and, of course, most of the cars in which he won seven Formula 1 world championships. Michael Schumacher’s family and MOTORWORLD have concluded an agreement to make this unique collection freely accessible to the public for years to come. The Michael Schumacher Private Collection will thus find a perfect home in two senses of the word. Not only will MOTORWORLD Köln-Rheinland offer a stylish platform, but it is also very close to Schumacher’s home town of Kerpen.

Never before has Michael Schumacher’s full collection been put on show in public. Every single vehicle, every single piece of memorabilia, breathes the success story of the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. With the opening of MOTORWORLD Köln-Rheinland, fans and motor sport aficionados will be able to see cars and other mementos from every era of Schumacher’s unique career. “It is the heart’s desire of Michael’s family that all interested fans should get to see Michael’s collection without having to pay an admission charge,” said Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm. “It will enable them to revel in memories and bring those great times back to life again. The location’s proximity to Kerpen, and the passion for motoring that it radiates, were two other excellent reasons for this collaboration.”

Worthy surroundings for Michael Schumacher’s Private Collection will be created in one of the listed halls at the site. The cars, trophies and memorabilia will be appropriately displayed in specially built boxes. Cologne’s Mayor Henriette Reker said very pleased: “It is a great honor for us having this permanent exhibition in Cologne. Not least, it underlines the high automobile affinity our city has, with roots going far back. ” Andreas Dünkel, initiator of the MOTORWORLD concept and himself an avid motor sport fan, commented: “It means a great deal to us to be able to honour Michael Schumacher’s achievements in this manner and bring them so close to his fans.” And so it goes without saying that the 1994 Benetton Ford B 194-5, with which Michael Schumacher wrote world championship history and which has belonged to the MOTORWORLD Collection since 2013, will also be part of the permanent exhibition.

Source: MOTORWORLD Köln-Rheinland